New Membership Applications and Renewals for 2024

There is only one membership rate for all ages of £40 per annum (this equates to 80p per week). What else can you get for 80p a week?

New members are always welcome to join us.
All new applicants are required to complete a membership form and pay a deposit of £ 10.  Forms can be downloaded from  the links at the bottom of this page or can be collected from the Bar.
The application requires a proposer and seconder, both of whom must have been members of the club for at least six months.
Your name and postcode will be displayed on the notice board for two weeks, as part of our membership application process.
An applicant will be invited to attend a induction meeting. If you have any queries, please send an e-mail to or call on 01273 453434

Additionally there is an Association Fee payment is required for all members – this is a minimum donation of £3.

You also have the option if you wish, to make an additional donation to the local Conservative Association or to the Club.

You can also opt to voluntarily purchase an Affiliation Card – this will cost you £5.            This card will enable you to visit other Conservative Clubs in the UK.

You are required to carry your membership card with you please at all times in the club and this will be requested, if you claim a prize in either of our twice weekly membership draws. These are held at 9pm on a Friday and 2pm on a Sunday.

Swipe cards – are issued free of charge, unless you lose your card and require a replacement.  A £5 charge will then be applied

Blue Membership books – can be replaced for a charge of £ 1.00

Members wishing to renew their annual membership, can either download a renewal form below or take a form from the rack in the club foyer.                                                                  Renewals must be accompanied by the appropriate Membership and the Association Fee (and Affiliation card fee if required) and your blue membership card.

Downloadable Application forms for Membership and renewal forms 2024



Your Suggestions
We have a suggestion box in the club Foyer. We welcome any suggestions and feedback from you.   Can you please also include your name (and membership number where possible) please.  We aim to get back to you with an answer asap.