We are adopting the current Government guidance, which is as follows:
Remain cautious and use common sense when attending a venue.
Ideally take a lateral flow check prior to visiting the club or any other event elsewhere.
Observing isolation rules if you have recently been Overseas or have actually had Covid.
Additionally, there will be no standing at the bar other than to order drinks and food. This will remain in place for the foreseeable future, any plans to remove this have been placed on hold.
Aiming to have some ventilation either by opening doors or windows where possible.
Thank you for those members who are doing lateral flow Tests to ensure that they are potentially Covid free, although I appreciate this does not fully guarantee it. I would ask all our members please to give me their support in complying with the above for the forseeable future.
I assume that most people have had their first, second and booster Covid jabs to date. If you haven’t, I would ask that you please consider to do so. This way we can help mitigate the risk for ourselves and others.
Thanks again for your co-operation.
Take care and keep safe
Best wishes

FACE MASK/COVERING and NHS APP (updated 19.06.21)

Please note on reopening  of the club, it is still mandatory for anyone attending the club to wear a face mask on entering, leaving and moving around in the club. You can remove the mask when you are seated at your table.  This is law and everyone is expected to adhere to this.

Everyone must sign in on entry, you can additionally scan the QR code on the poster in the lobby as part of the NHS Track and Trace app. You are still required to sign in yourself and a guest on entry.

On arrival

There is still no need to book in advance.

You must socially distance in any queue that may form prior to entering the club at the front door.

There is strictly no access through the rear door except for those who require wheelchair access, you will need to ask for the rear door to be opened in these cases.

Please ensure that you do not enter the club if you are displaying any of the Covid19 symptoms, you will certainly not be thanked for coming to the club if you do.

Signing in.

You will be required to scan the QR code on the NHS app or enter your details on the attendance list  with your name, membership number and telephone number, this must be printed.

This will be retained for 21 days and will be used as part of any track and trace actions that may be required, hopefully this will not be necessary.

You must also ensure that you have your membership booklet card handy to show if requested.


Members will only be able to bring one guest into the club on three separate occasions over a period of one month. Guests will not be able to attend when live music is on at the club. This will be reviewed prior to 21 June.

Seating only

The club is capped at 50 in the main bar and 20 in the back bar.

You will need to go to a vacant table on arrival, only a maximum of 6 people can sit at the same table. You cannot join another group at another table.                  There will be tables to accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people.

It is table service and your order will be taken at your table and you will be required to pay by primarily card where possible.

There is no minimum amount that you can spend and the contactless payment maximum is currently            £ 45.

Can you please place your glasses and cups etc on the tray provided, this will be collected by one of the bar team.

Please do not go to the bar or take any glasses etc back to the bar yourself. The bar area must be kept clear.


Please note that there will be limited bar team members on each session, so unfortunately it may require a bit more patience with any potential longer waits to be served.

The Bar, the gang way leading to the lobby from the Bar and the lobby area must remain clear at all times to avoid any congestion.

All bar stools have been  removed from the bar, as the bar will be out of use.  Please do not move any chairs or tables etc, these must stay exactly where they are.

The club is clearly marked with signage and tape to show excluded seats etc.

The principle will be to have the one metre plus rule in place, two metres where possible.

There will be hand sanitisers readily available at the door and at various points in the club. There will be regular refresh cleaning throughout the sessions.

Any background music will be played at a low volume. Please refrain from shouting across to anyone else in the club.

Use of the toilets

Only three person an use the Gents at any one time and a maximum of two in the Ladies.

The toilet door will have a laminated card showing vacant or occupied, you must ensure that this is turned over to show the current status, this card will also be wiped periodically.

This is the new normal, the important message is that these measures are necessary for the health and safety of everyone and to hopefully provide you with reassurance.

It is vital that you adhere to this and not challenge any member of the bar team or committee member if you are personally asked to specifically comply with any of these measures. It is being done for a reason.

If you do you will be asked to leave and this could lead to your membership being reviewed.

Please let us know if you have any questions by sending an email to

Thank you for your co-operation and stay safe and healthy.

Best Wishes

SCC Committee